The Impact of Proximity on Consumer Purchases

A New Research Study from Access Development

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“80% of U.S. disposable income is spent within 20 miles of home.”  Much has been written about that statistic. But can it be verified?  This study aims to do so.

With 90% of all retail purchases made at a brick & mortar store, (U.S. Census) proximity is the essential consideration involved in a consumer’s decision to patronize a merchant. Which retailers have the advantage? 

In this study (and accompanying webinar recording) you'll learn:

  1. How far consumers are willing to travel for their everyday purchases.
  2. How far consumers will travel to patronize specific types of merchants.
  3. Why brick & mortar stores are more relevant than online-only merchants.
  4. How any business (even online and B2B) can take advantage of consumers' local preferences.

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