Bridging the Leadership/Membership Gap

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New Study: Why member organizations are failing their members.  (And what you can do about it.)

We conducted a simultaneous survey of thousands of member based organizations, asking similar questions of both leaders and members. Our aim was to identify any misalignment of goals, priorities, and outcomes. The gap we identified is significant, and is a likely reason why many organizations suffer from a lack of member engagement and rising member attrition.

This ebook identifies the unique characteristics of today's members, and offers data-driven solutions to help you boost member engagement, acquisition and retention.

What you'll learn:

  • How member-based organization get out of sync with their members.
  • How member expectations have recently changed, and why today's members demand value from their affiliation.
  • What organizations can do to help identify and bridge their own gap.
  • New strategies to help you engage more members.
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